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WILDE, Oscar (1854-1900)  ワイルド  
60000 オスカー・ワイルド全集 全10巻 デラックス版
COMPLETE WRITINGS OF OSCAR WILDE. Nottingham Society. 10 vols.set. Edition de Luxe. Limited to 1000 copies, No.20, original beige cloth, white label on spines, top edges gilt, 8vo, a clean set. 1905-09
60001 オスカー・ワイルド全集 全15巻 復刻版
THE WORKS OF OSCAR WILDE. Sunflower Edition. 15 vols.set. Ams Press. Reprinted of Lamb Publishing, 1909, New York, a good set. 1980
60003 オスカー・ワイルド全集 全12巻 限定550部
THE WRITINGS OF OSCAR WILDE. NY: Gabriel Wells. 12 vols.set. Large Paper Edition. Limited to 550 copies, original blue boards, paper labels on spines,top edges gilt, 8vo, a clean set. 1925
60007 SELECTED WORKS: With 12 Unpublished Letters. R.Aldington. Heinemann. dust jacket, v+553pp. 1946 3,500
60012 THE HAPPY PRINCE: And Other Tales. London: David Nutt. With illustrated by Walter Crane and Jacomb Hood. First edition, first printing, 116pp,small 4to, oiginal Japan vellum boards, titles and pictorial decoration to front board in red and black, a good copy, quarter morocco in slipcase.1888 [Mason 313] Sold
60015 THE FISHERMAN AND HIS SOUL: And Other Fairy Tales. T.Nadejen. Farrar & Rinehart. First edition, x+212pp, large 8vo. 1929 4,500
60021 A HOUSE OF POMEGRANATES. James R. Osgood McIlvaine. Design and decoration and numerous illustrations by C. Ricketts and 4 plates illustrations by C. H. Shannon. First edition, first printing, original gilt decorated green cloth spine, gilt and red decorated cover, pictorial endpapers, all edges untrimmed,4to, a clean copy. 1891 [Mason 347] 250,000
60022 SALOME. A Tragedy in One Act: Translated from the French of Oscar Wilde by Lord Alfred Douglas. London: Elkin Mathews & John Lane. First edition, one of 500 copies, small 4to, cover design, 10 plates, 2 full page borders and tailpiece at end after Aubrey Beardsley, original cloth, stamped in gilt, a good copy, with slipcase. 1894 [Mason 350] Sold
60025 THE BALLAD OF READING GAOL. By C.3.3. (Oscar Wilde) London: Smithers. Second edition, original white linen spine and cinnamon cloth boards, gilt titling to spine, all edges untrimmed, (vii)+31pp, tall 8vo, a clean copy. 1898 85,000
60026 THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST: A Trivial Comedy for Serious People. Presented by Mr. George Alexander As a Souvenir of his Twentieth Year of Mnagement of the St. James's Theatre February 1st. 1910. Methuen. First edition thus, limited to 1200 copies, green cloth, gilt decorated on front cover and spine, top edge gilt, 12mo, a clean copy. 1910 38,000
60028 SEBASTIAN MELMOTH. With The Soul of Man. London: Arthur L.Humphrets. First edition, gilt lettered half green morocco, green cloth boards, top edge gilt, other edges untrimmed, (vi)+222pp+(iv), a fine copy. 1904 [Mason 633/634] 45,000
60029 DE PROFUNDIS. London: Methuen. First edition, first state, original blue cloth, lettered in gilt,top edge gilt, designed by Charles Ricketts, x+151pp+40 pages Methuen catalogue dated February 1905, a good copy. 1905 [Mason 388] 85,000
60032 IMPRESSIONS OF AMERICA. Ed.with an introduction by S.Mason. Keystone Press. First edition, limited to 500 copies, original green wrappers. 1906 15,000
60039 TRIALS OF OSCAR WILDE. H.M.Hyde. Foreword by T.Humphrey. London: William Hodge. dust jacket, 384pp, 8vo. 1952 3,500
60043 THE FIREWORKS OF OSCAR WILDE. Selected ed.and O.D.Edwards. London: Barrie & Jenkins. dust jacket, 282pp, large 8vo. 1989 4,000
60044 THE ANNOTATED OSCAR WILDE. H.M.Hyde. Orbis Publishing. With numerous illustrations, 487pp, 4to. 1982 7,500
60046 The Chameleon. Vol.1.No.1. Eighteen Nineties Society. Facsimile of 1894. "Phrases and Philosophies for the Use of the Young. by O.Wilde." 1978 2,800
60049 ANNA, B.] OSCAR WILDE AND HIS MOTHER: A Memoir. Everett. 199pp, 12mo. 1914 2,500
60050 BARTLETT,N.] WHO WAS THAT MAN? A Present for Mr. Oscar Wilde. London: Serpents Tail. p/b, with illustrations, xxii+254pp, large 8vo. 1988 2,500
60052 BELFORD,B.] OSCAR WILDE: A Certain Genius. Random House. dust jacket, xiv+381pp ,large 8vo. 2000 4,500
60053 BIRD, A.] THE PLAYS OF OSCAR WILDE. Vision Press. dust jacket, 220pp. 1977 2,500
60056 BRASOL,B.] OSCAR WILDE: The Man-The Artist-The Martyr. Octagon Books. xviii+402pp ,large 8vo. 1975 3,800
60058 BROAD, L.] THE TRUTH ABOUT OSCAR WILDE. Arrow Books. 256pp. 1957 2,500
60060 BYRNE,P.] THE WILDES OF MERRION SQUARE: The Family of Oscar Wilde. London: Staples. First edition, dust jacket, 224pp. 1953 3,500
60061 CALLOWAY,S./ COLVIN,D.] OSCAR WILDE: An Exquisite Life of Oscar Wilde. London: Orion. With numerouse illustrations, p/b, 112pp, 4to. 1999 2,500
60062 CHAMBERLIN, J.E.] RIPE WAS THEDROWSY HOUR: The Age of Oscar Wilde. Continuum Book. dust jacket, xiii+222pp. 1977 4,500
60063 CHOISY,L.-F.] OSCAR WILDE. Paris:Perrin. o/w, vi+239pp, small 8vo. 1927 2,500
60064 COLSON, P.] ASCAR WILDE AND THE BLACK DOUGLAS. By The Marquess of Queensberry. Folcroft Library. 181pp, small 4to. 1977 2,500
60065 D'ALESSANDRO,J.M.E.] HUES OF MUTABILITY: The Waning Vision in Oscar Wilde's Narrative. Italy: U.of Florence. o/w, xx+244pp, large 8vo. 1983 3,500
60066 DEVOE,A.] THE PORTRAIT OF MR.O.W. NY: Union Square Book. First edition, limited to 275 copies, 32pp, small 4to, a clean copy. 1930 4,500
60070 DOUGLAS, Alfred] OSCAR WILDE: Et Moi. Trassrated by W.Claude. Paris: Emile-Paul Freres. New edition, o/w, xii+314pp, small 8vo. [1914] 2,500
60071 DOUGLAS, Alfred] OSCAR WILDE: A Summing Up. London: Duckworth First edition, dust jacket, 143pp, slightly suns and slightly chipped on the dust jacket, otherwise a clean copy. 1940 18,000
60072 ECKARDT, W.von/GILMAN,S.L./CHAMBERLIN,J.E.] OSCAR WILDE'S LONDON. Anchor Press. With numerous illustrations, dust jacket ,xii+285pp, 4to. 1987 3,500
60073 ELLMANN,R.] OSCAR WILDE. A.A.Knopf. dust jacket, xvii+680pp, large 8vo. 1988 3,500
60075 FIDO,M.] OSCAR WILDE. Hamlyn. Numerous illus, dust jacket ,4to. 1973 2,500
60076 FURNELL,J.] THE STRINGED LUTE: An evocation in dialogue of Oscar Wilde. London: Rider. First edition, dust jacket, xvii+198pp, slightly stain. 1955 2,500
60077 GAGNIER, R.] IDYLLS OF THE MARKETPLACE: Oscar Wilde and the Victorian Public. Stanford UP. dust jacket, ix+255pp, large 8vo. 1986 4,500
60083 GARDINER,J.] OSCAR WILDE: A Life in Letters, Writings and Wit. Collins & Brown. p/b, 160pp, with numerous illustrations, 4to. 1995 2,000
60084 HARDWICK,M.] THE DRAKE GUIDE TO OSCAR WILDE. NY: Drake. dust jacket, 240pp. 1973 2,500
60085 HARRIS,F.] OSCAR WILDE: His Life and Confessions. Printed by F.Harris. 2 vols.set. First edition, calf spines, top edges gilt, vii+603pp. 1916 8,000
60087 HARRIS,F.] OSCAR WILDE: His Life and Confessions. With Memories of Wilde by B.Shaw. Horizon Press. d/j, xxii+612+32pp. 1974 4,500
60091 HARRIS,F.] LA VIE ET LES CONFESSIONS D'OSCAR WILDE. Paris: Mercure de France. 2 vols.set. o/w, 300pp+272pp. 1928 4,500
60092 HOLLAND,V.] SON OF OSCAR WILDE. Rupert Hart-Davis. d/j, 272pp. 1954 3,500
60093 HOLLAND,V.] OSCAR WILDE: A Pictorial Biography. Thames & Hudson. With illus, dust jacket, 144pp, small 4to. 1966 2,500
60096 HOPKINS,T.] OSCAR WILDE: A Study of the Man and His Work. London: Lynwood. With portrait by E.Moutrie. 156pp, small 8vo. 1913 2,800
60097 HOPKINS,T.] OSCAR WILDE: A Study of the Man and His Work. London: Lynwood. Revised edition, with portrait by E.Moutrie. 174pp, small 8vo. 1913 3,800
60098 HOPKINS,T.] OSCAR WILDE. London: Simpkins,Marshall. 24pp, 8vo. 1978 1,800
60101 HYDE,H.M.] OSCAR WILDE: A Biography. London: Eyre Methuen. dust jacket, xii+410pp, large 8vo. 1976 3,800
60103 INGLEBY,L.C.] OSCAR WILDE. London: T.Werner. 400pp, 8vo. [n.d.] 2,500
60104 INGLEBY,L.C.] OSCAR WILDE: Some Reminiscences. Folcroft. 175pp. 1972 1,500
60105 JULLIAN,P.] OSCAR WILDE. London: Constable. Violet Wyndham. First UK. edition, dust jacket, 420pp, 8vo. 1969 2,800
60106 KNOX,M.] OSCAR WILDE: A Long and Lovely Suicide. Yale UP. dust jacket, xxiv+185pp. 1994 3,500
60109 LIAMMOIR,M.M.] AN OSCAR OF NO IMPORTANCE. Being an Account of the author's Adventures with his One-Man Show about Oscar Wilde The Importance of Being Oscar. Heinemann. dust jacket, 234pp. 1968 2,800
60111 MASON,S.] OSCAR WILDE: Art and Morality. Frank Palmer. Green cloth, lettered in gilt, top edge gilt, 325pp, 12mo. 1912 3,500
60112 MASON,S.] BIBLIOGRAPHY OF OSCAR WILDE. With a Note by Robert Ross. Haskell House. 2 vols.set. Reprint of 1914, xxii+xxxii+605pp, 8vo. 1972 8,000
60113 MERLE, Robert] OSCAR WILDE. Paris:Hachette. o/w, 519pp, large 8vo. [n.d.] 3,500
60114 MERLE, Robert] OSCAR WILDE. Paris:Academique Perrin. p/b, 450pp. 1984 2,500
60115 MIKHAIL,E.H.] OSCAR WILDE: An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism. Macmillan. dust jacket, xii+248pp. 1978 2,500
60117 MIYATA Rinako] OSCAR WILDE AND CLASS. Book East. d/j,vii+168pp. 2007 1,800
60118 MORLEY,S.] OSCAR WILDE. Holt,Rinehart & Winston. With numerous illustrations, d/j, 160p, 4to. 1976 2,500
60119 MURRAY, I.(Ed.)] THE COMPLETE SHORTER FICTION OF OSCAR WILDE. Oxford UP. dust jacket, v+271pp. 1979 2,500
60121 NICHOLLS,M.] THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING OSCAR: The Wit and Wisdom of Oscar Wilde Set Against His Life and Time. Robson Books. dust jacket, xvi+238pp. 1982 3,800
60124 PEARSON,H.] THE LIFE OF OSCAR WILDE. Methuen. 399pp,small 8vo. 1954 2,500
60125 PEARSON,H.] THE LIFE OF OSCAR WILDE: A Biography. Macdonald & Jane's. dust jacket, xvi+399pp, 8vo. 1975 3,500
60126 PEARSON,H.] OSCAR WILDE: His Life and Wit. Harper. 345pp,large 8vo. 1946 2,800
60127 POWELL, K.] OSCAR WILDE AND THE THEATRE OF THE 1890s. Cambridge UP. dust jacket, ix+204pp, large 8vo. 1990 3,800
60128 RABY, P.] OSCAR WILDE. Cambridge UP. ix+164pp. 1988 3,800
60130 RANSOME,A.] OSCAR WILDE: A Critical Study. Methuen. d/j, 234pp, 12mo. 1913 2,500
60133 RENIER,G.J.] OSCAR WILDE. London:T.Nelson. dust jacket, 164pp, 12mo. 1938 2,500
60134 RODITI,E.] OSCAR WILDE. New Directions. dust jacket, small 8vo. 1947 2,500
60135 SAN JUAN, E.] THE ART OF OSCAR WILDE. Princeton UP. dust jacket, ix+238pp. 1967 2,800
60136 SHERARD,R.H.] OSCAR WILDE: The Story of An Unhappy Friendship. London: Greening. Blue cloth, top edge gilt, 270pp, small 8vo. 1905 3,800
60137 SHERARD,R.H.] BERNARD SHAW, FRANK HARRIS AND OSCAR WILDE. With a Preface by A.Douglas and an Additional Chapter by H.Kingsmill. London: T.Werner Laurie. First edition, dust jacket, xvi+299pp. 1937 8,000
60138 SHERARD,R.H.] BERNARD SHAW, FRANK HARRIS AND OSCAR WILDE. Haskell House. Reprinted of 1937, xvi+299pp. 1974 3,000
60139 SHERARD,R.H.] THE REAL OSCAR WILDE: To be used as a Supplement to, and in illustration of "The Life of Oscar Wilde" Norwood. Reprinted edition, xvi+430pp ,large 8vo. 1976 4,500
60140 SHEWAN,R.] OSCAR WILDE: Art and Egotism. Macmillan. d/j,xix+239p. 1977 2,800
60141 STOKES, J.] OSCAR WILDE: Myths Miracles, and Imitations. Cambridge UP. xiv+223pp, 8vo. 1996 4,500
60142 STOKES, S.] BEYOND HIS MEANS: A Novel Based on the Life of Oscar Wilde. Peter Davies. dust jacket, 223pp, small 8vo. 1955 2,800
60144 TAYLOR,J.S.] OSCAR WILDE'S USES OF FANTASY. U.M.I. o/w,282pp. 1987 2,500
60145 TYDEMAN,E.(Ed.)] WILDE COMEDIES: A Casebook. Macmillan. dust jacket, 187pp. 1982 2,800
60147 WINWAR, F.] OSCAR WILDE AND THE YELLOW 'NINETIES. NY:Harper. First edition, dust jacket, Signed by Frances Winwar, vii+381pp. 1940 7,000
60148 WOODCOCK,G.] THE PARADOX OF OSCAR WILDE. Macmillan. v+250pp. 1950 3,500
60150 WRATISLAW,T.] OSCAR WILDE: A Memoir. Foreword by J.Betjeman. Eighteen Nineties Society. First edition ,limited to 500 copies, dust jacket, v+21pp, a good copy. 1979 4,500
60151 THE MARQUESS OF QUEENSBERRY in Collaboration with Percy Colson]
OSCAR WILDE AND THE BLACK DOUGLAS. London: Hutchinson. dust jacket, Reprinted edition, x+181pp, chipped on the dust jacket. 1950
60154 DELLAMORA, R.] APOCALYPTIC OVERTURES: Sexual Politics and the Sense of an Ending. Rutgers UP. p/b, xii+242pp, large 8vo. Essays on Wilde, et al. 1994 2,500
60157 HENKLE,R.B.] COMEDY AND CULTURE ENGLAND 1820-1900. Princeton UP. Essays on O.Wilde, Dickens, Peacock, Thackeray, et al. d/j, 373pp. 1980 2,800
60158 JACKSON,H.] THE EIGHTEEN NINETIES: A Review of Art and Ideas at the Close of the Nineteenth Century. London: Jonathan Cape. 304pp. Essays on Wilde, Beardsley, et al. 1922 2,500
60160 LAVRIN,J.] ASPECTS OF MODERNISM: From Wilde to Pirandello. Stanley Nott. 247pp. 1935 2,500
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